Millions of tonnes of freight are transported throughout Canada every year, often traveling thousands of miles in the process, via multiple intermediaries. Canada's abundant natural resources are exported throughout the world, while manufactured and other goods are shipped across the country.

Canada's expansive geography and export-led economy depend on efficient transportation networks. The quality and pricing of services related to this network, including shipping, loading and unloading facilities for freight, are vital for Canada's prosperity at home and its competitiveness on the international market.

Investments in developing transportation infrastructure and the supply of services are expected to increase dramatically for the foreseeable future. Some of those expenditures will be used to expand or create networks in under-developed parts of the world, including in Canada, while some will be allocated to expand or refurbish existing rail and road networks, and hubs such as airports, marine terminals and transloading facilities.

McMillan's Transportation Industry Group is a recognized leader in delivering expert legal services to the transportation industry, including rate and service negotiations and proceedings, advisory work in operations and logistics, commercial undertakings, regulatory matters, engineering and safety compliance and government relations efforts. We advise on supply and procurement relationships, and assist in commercial transactions such as the acquisition, financing and disposition of transportation businesses and equipment, private infrastructure investment and development, public-private partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Successful infrastructure development is increasingly dependent on experience gained from working on prior projects. Our clients include some of the world's leading shippers, lessors, financiers, freight carriers, ports and terminals, governments, trade associations, and facility operators. We work with companies operating in the rail, trucking, marine and air modes of transportation.