A powerful brand is more than just a company name or logo, it is a statement of everything an organization represents. Consumers immediately associate brands with a certain level of product quality or a set of corporate values. When this association is positive, consumers feel good about doing business with an organization or using its products.

In a highly competitive marketplace, that brand equity is a valuable asset. Organizations invest millions of dollars every year in promoting and protecting their brand because in a world in which products come and go, a brand is a touchstone.

With so much invested, organizations require experienced and effective legal professionals who can protect their brand with a rigorous approach to registering, commercializing and enforcing trademarks.

McMillan's Intellectual Property Group is made up of highly experienced lawyers who are experts at registering trademarks in North America and managing Canadian and international trademark portfolios. Our Matchmark® trademark system is a proprietary internal database that helps our teams expedite the application, prosecution, maintenance and licensing of trademarks.

We work with companies across a wide range of industries, including consumer goods, fashion, telecommunications, automotive, publishing, software, information management, real estate development, financial services and medical devices.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Providing brand clearance advice
  • Managing domestic and international trademark portfolios
  • Litigating on matters of infringement, validity and passing off actions
  • Handling appeals from trademark oppositions and non-use rulings
  • Protecting and challenging business names and domain names, including cybersquatting
  • Advising on comparative advertising and legitimate fair use of third-party trademarks
  • Counseling on anti-counterfeiting strategies
  • Trademark prosecution and opposition
  • Trademark licensing
  • Advising on co-existence and consent agreements with third parties
November 2017

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February 2017

Intellectual Property Bulletin

November 2013
A Whiff of Change: Scent Marks as Trademarks

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