natural resources 


Canada is known around the world for its abundance of natural resources including forests, oil and gas, minerals, metals, and water. Businesses operating in this industry have witnessed significant changes, from fluctuations in resource costs to increased environmental regulation to new developments in Canadian federal and provincial laws.

Keeping pace with advancements in the Natural Resources industry requires the assistance of lawyers who understand its sectors inside and out, from both a Canadian and global perspective. Our lawyers have in-depth experience with agreements relating to natural resource property interests, the financing of resource companies by public and private offerings of equity or debt, royalty agreements, project financings, sales contracts, take-over bids, and formulating laws and policies for the mineral and electricity industries. We also help natural resource companies mitigate risk by helping them navigate environmental assessments, aboriginal relations and permitting requirements, as part of their broader corporate social responsibility goals.

We routinely work with governments, financial institutions, investment and pension funds, aboriginal groups, environmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGO), and understand their points of view and how they relate to Canadian and global businesses operating in this industry.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:
  • Advising on negotiations with NGOs, foreign investment, government relations and socio-economic issues
  • Providing mineral policy and strategy advice to governments and industry participants globally
  • Assisting with navigating Canadian environmental laws to help protect their reputations and business operations
  • Representing aboriginal groups and counselling on commercial deals involving aboriginal groups
  • Negotiating timber rights and other contracts
  • Cooperating closely with our firm's banking, corporate, government relations, litigation, and tax practices to offer comprehensive business strategies
  • Advising on interactions with engineers, geologists, prospectors, foreign governments, regulators, stock exchanges, and professional advisors