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Innovations in information technology touch virtually every corner of our lives. They change the way we communicate and supercharge both personal and business productivity. They bring the world closer together, enhancing collaboration and information-sharing.

Information technology is also one of the business world's most competitive sectors, with new players emerging every day and new innovations, such as cloud computing, challenging established business models.

To survive and thrive in this dynamic industry, participants require expert legal advice on a myriad of issues. They need highly specialized legal expertise and experience, and advisors who understand the key business issues that are driving the industry today, and into the future.

McMillan's Applied Technology Industry Group advises a full range of industry players, including emerging and established hardware and software companies, entrepreneurs, outsourcing firms, networking and other IT providers. We are recognized leaders in helping clients address the interconnected legal and business issues that affect both suppliers and users of information technology products and services.

Our lawyers understand the links between highly technical issues and the laws and regulations that govern their commercialization. Our focus is on helping clients in virtually every sector of the IT marketplace to achieve their business objectives.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:

  • Negotiating licensing and distribution arrangements
  • Advising on venture capital, debt or equity financing arrangements
  • Negotiating joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Advising on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and Initial Public Offerings
  • Drafting licensing agreements, contracts, and technology transfer agreements
  • Drafting professional services agreements related to technology implementation projects
  • Drafting employment agreements and structuring option plans to protect ownership of technology
  • Litigating intellectual property and technology ownership disputes
  • Advising on regulatory issues such as privacy
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