environmental regulation 


In today's world, environmental issues are front-page news. Companies that are discovered—or even perceived—to be skirting environmental laws can find their reputations questioned and business operations hindered. At the same time, environmental regimes are constantly changing as countries try to balance the need to grow their economies and exploit their resources, while regulating the impact on the quality of their land, air and water. Companies facing these issues require lawyers who can help them navigate the changing regulatory landscape.

McMillan's Business Law Group helps clients comply with the full range of international, federal, territorial, provincial and local environmental regulations and programs. Our lawyers provide timely, expert advice on a wide variety of environmental aspects impacting business, with expertise in climate change and carbon trading, as well as the mining, energy, oil and gas, and infrastructure sectors.

We combine our legal experience with industry-specific expertise to quickly understand the issues clients face and provide counsel that meets their business objectives. And when clients' practices are called into question, we help them mount robust defences in environmental hearings and prosecutions for infractions of relevant legislation.

McMillan professionals help clients lead by:
  • Assisting with meeting emission standards and obtaining permits and approvals, due diligence audits, officers' and directors' liabilities, and spills and spill reporting
  • Advising on environmental liabilities and property investigations in the context of mergers and acquisitions, and financings
  • Negotiating agreements with private parties and governmental authorities involving the transfer or allocation of environmental risks, site remediation and compliance with regulatory requirements, and brownfield sales, purchases and development